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Amazonas (Kuelap)


Amazonas is located in the northeast of Peru.


7,657 feet (2334 meters).


Max 75 F (24º C) and 64 F minimum (18º C). Rainy season runs from December through March.

By land

The most advisable route is Lima-Chiclayo-Chachapoyas (1,225 km), about 24 hours by car. An alternative route is Lima-Trujillo-Cajamarca-Celendín-Chachapoyas (1 199 km), about 24 hours by car.

By air

Although there are no regular flights, it is possible to contract flights for groups from Chiclayo (for further information, contact us) There are also non regular flights to Moyobamba and Rioja.

Kuelap Fortress

it is located at 9,843 Ft above sea level in the andes of the department of Amazonas, Kuélap is one of the remains of the infinite skill architecture of The Chachapoyas Civilization, a twon that inhabited the zone bwteen the years 800 and 1400 AC. It was discovered in 1843, by Don Juan Crisóstomo Grandson. From that date it has been constantly visited by numerous investigators and travelers, attracted by the complexity and monumentality of its constructions. The archaeological complex covers an extension of 450 Hectares approximately.

Lake of Condors

also known as the Lake of the mummies, situated in the Leymebamba district, where about 280 mummies were discovered.

Typical dishes

• Purtumute (Seasoned boiled beans served with stewed corn and fried dried river fish)
• Picante de cuy (Guinea pig stew cooked in a peanut and red pepper sauce).
• Juanes de yuca (Boiled and grated cassava mixed with rice and seasoned chicken, all wrapped in bijao leaves and boiled).
• Cecina (Salty dried beef or pork with an exquisite flavor).
• Tamales (corn paste stuffed with meat, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed).
• Humitas (sweet corn paste stuffed with cinnamon and raisins, wrapped in corn leaves and steamed)
• Inchik Uchu (boiled cassava served with peanuts, hot chili peppers and coriander).

Traditional beverage

• Mistela
• Aloja
• Guarapo (fermented sweet cane beverage)
• Abejadito
• Milk liqueur
• Mulberry liqueur
• Chuchuhuasi (spiritous liquor made with a bitter root, very popular throughout eastern Peru).