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La Libertad (Trujillo and Chan - Chan)


La Libertad is situated in the north of Peru.


25,962 km2


105 feet (32 meters).


Max 86 F (30º C) and 59 F minimum (15º C). Rainy season runs from June to August.

By road

Lima-Trujillo (561 km) – approximately 8 hours by car along the North Pan American Highway.

By air

Daily flights available from Lima to Trujillo (approximately 45 minutes.).

Chan Chan

this was the largest mud city in pre-Hispanic America. It was the capital of the Gran Chimu Kingdom and covered 20 km2, from the proximity of Port Huanchaco to Mount Campana, with an estimated population of over 100 thousand people. The citadel consists of squares, dwellings, warehouses, workshops, mazes, walls, excellent paths and pyramid temples. Its enormous walls were intricately decorated with geometric figures, zoomorphic and mythological characters.
in the Moche valley, 5 km northwest from Trujillo.
Monday to Sunday 9:00-17:00.

El Brujo Archaeological Complex

this is one of the most valuable archaeological monuments on Peru’s northern coast, where a number of cultures developed since the pre-Ceramic period (5 000 years ago), until the viceroyal period.
in the Chicama Valley, 59 km from Trujillo, about 1 hour and 25 minutes by car.

Huaca del Sol

this burial ground is situated in the Moche countryside, 8 km from Trujillo, about 15 minutes by car. It is an unevenly shaped pyramid more than 20 meters tall.
According to tradition, it was built in only three days, using 250 thousand men and about 70 million adobe bricks. It preserves the beautiful harmony of its volumetric features, with platforms placed at regular intervals. It was used for funeral and ceremonial purposes and possibly also as an administrative and dwelling place for the elite.

Huaca de la Luna

this burial ground is also situated in the Moche valley,smaller than Huaca del Sol, but there are still some murals left on the top of the walls, with clearly defined outlines, depicting the face of the god AI-APAEK. It is a 21 meter tall monument of superimposed temples, a treasure chest of marvelous surprises, in which archaeologists discovered a tomb containing more than 40 sacrificed warriors.
8 km from Trujillo, about 15 minutes by car.
Monday to Sunday 9:00-17:00.

Typical dishes:

• Cebiche (chopped raw fish marinated in lime, with onions and hot chili peppers).
• Seco de cabrito con frijoles (tender goat stew, marinated in chicha de jora and vinegar and served with beans cooked in onions and garlic).
• Shambar (wheat soup with pork, pulses, coriander and hot chili peppers).
• Sopa teóloga (chicken soup with soaked bread, potatoes, milk and cheese).
• Frijoles a la Trujillana (black beans with sesame seeds and red chili peppers).
• Pepián de Pava (turkey stew with rice, tender crushed corn, coriander and hot chili peppers).
• Pescado a la Trujillana (steamed fish with an egg and onion sauce)