Elizabeth Lang & Family

BC Canada, June 2011

Dear Eliu
We wish to thank you for our well organized trip that was put together by your company. Our land transportation was always on time, comfortable and with courteous employees...
The accommodation that you selected for us were more that we had expected. Our breakfast and our meals that were included were spectacular. Your choice of the team Denise, Marco and porters were excellent. Denise’s decisions were based on our best interest therefore making our hike most enjoyable. Denise went to great lengths to explain everything we saw on our hike to Machu Picchu.
Thank you again for an unforgettable experience. We were very happy with our choice of booking with your company ECS. If you have any inquires from future customers we would be pleased to tell others how great an experience we had with your company.


Jerry & Patricia Frase

USA, May 2010

Hi ECS Team,
Just wanted to let you know how great our Peru trip was. Everything went so smoothly. Someone was always there to pick us up at the airport, the bus station or the hotel and take us to our next destination...
All of the hotels were great. I especially liked El Patio Hotel in Miraflores and La Hosteria in Arequipa. El Albergue Ollantaytambo Bed and Breakfast was also great.
I also want to say how good all of the guides were, Lizz in Colca, Cynthia in Ollantaytambo (Cusco) and Raymond in Machu Pichu. I hope I have all the names correct. ECS gave us the ability to pick and choose what we wanted to do and see and also gave us the ability to set our own pace. That is something you lose if you go to Peru via a group tour such as those offered by other companies.


Taneka Washington and Ana Garay

West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, June 2008

We (Ana and I) had wanted to travel to Peru for some time now. We both managed to have the time and money so we started planning. I usually plan out trips myself, but saw many companies that would put together a dream trip cheaper than I could...
After some botched initial planning with other companies, we decided on ECS Travel. I was nervous because we had never gone through a company, especially one that was just online. We took a chance and booked our trip for August 2008. We were able to customize our two week trip to our wants and needs. When we arrived at the airport in Lima, we were promptly met by our driver who took us to our hotel where we met Eliu himself. He gave us all of our necessary vouchers and gave us his personal cell number to contact him if we had any problems once we left Lima. He made us feel very comfortable and well care for. The rest of our trip went off without a hitch. Our hotels, tours and guides were excellent. I couldn’t have planned a better trip myself, and I’ve planned many trips for longer amounts of time. Many people we spoke while traveling had horror stories about the companies we went with, we made sure to tell them if they were to come back to use ECS Travel. There was no stress and no hassles, just pure satisfaction. If he planned trips for other location, we would be sure to use his services again and again. Peru was every bit as amazing as I hoped it would be and Eliu and ECS Travel made out trip extraordinary.


John C. Hilgartner

West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, June 2008

I used ECS Travel for my recent tour of Peru and Bolivia and I give them a Big Thumbs Up. They did a terrific job. I found ECS Travel on an internet search for vacations in Peru...
On their website they offered a suggested tour which, with some modifications, sounded good to me. I had originally considered planning my entire tour myself as I had done with a couple of trips to Mexico. However, Peru posed more of a logistical problem. My Spanish is very poor and without an intimate knowledge of the country and so much to see I was afraid of wasting precious time in Peru trying to line up hotels, transportation and individual tours with an English speaking guide and then end up missing out on seeing some of the places I wanted to. As I came to learn, ECS Travel offers that ideal “middle road” between the stress of going completely on one’s own or taking a constraining and expensive full package tour.
My primary interest was to visit Peru’s and one of Bolivia’s main archaeological sites. ECS Travel offered a tour which they were happy to modify at my request. For example, to reduce costs, I asked for only two star hotels. I also asked that they add on a trip to fly over the Nasca Lines and to see the site of ancient Tiwanaku in western Bolivia. Mr. Eliu Campos of ECS Travel promptly arranged what I asked for and sent me a proposed itinerary. This was all done by email. I agreed to their itinerary and forwarded a third of the total cost of my trip, with the remainder to be paid at the beginning of my tour in Lima. The cost was very reasonable and I believe it was approximate to or less than what I would have paid by doing it all on my own. Then I held my breath for as you know just because you sign up for something through the internet doesn’t mean you’re going to get what you paid for. I had investigated ECS Travel and I had no reason to distrust them. Still, I knew that I would learn how trustworthy they really were only when I actually began my tour in Peru.
Well, from the moment I stepped off the plane in Lima and was greeted by Mr. Campos till two weeks later, when I departed the magnificent Altiplano region near Lake Titicaca to head back home, ECS Travel did a great job. No matter where I was on my tour, whether I got off a bus, plane, or train, I was met by an ECS Travel representative who drove me to my hotel or to my next tour. ECS Travel gave me a packet of vouchers which, along with help from their representatives at each location, made my hotel stays and customized tours completely hassle free. All I had to pay for out of pocket were meals, souvenirs, and a few minor costs such as border fees and airport taxes. And the individual tours they arranged were great, often including treats that I would never have thought about, while giving me plenty of time to explore on my own. Peru is a fantastic country and I highly recommend ECS Travel to help you with your tour. You won’t regret it. Sincerely


Cindy Florez

USA, June 2007

Dear Elias, My son, Tyler and I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for arranging my 3 weeks in Peru from May 23 – June 11, 2007, such an unforgettable wonderful vacation!! Needless to say, we are 100+% satisfied with our trip...
You provided us with personal attention and exceptional service from our customized itinerary I requested from you.
At first, I was somewhat nervous, since I didn’t know if your firm was legitimate. (You never know anymore with the Internet.) But you were always responsive, caring, answered my questions patiently and thoroughly. It was everything you promised.
Our custom itinerary included Lima to Pisco, Ballestas Islands, Paracas, Nasca, Arequipa, Colca Valley Canyon, Puno/Lake Titicaca, the Uros and the Floating Islands, Copacabana, Bolivia, train to Cusco, Sacred Valley, Manu and the highlight of our trip, Machu Picchu, you replied back in such a professional style and an unbelievable cost versus the other 4 travel agencies that I contacted. The *** stars hotel were more than what I expected.
From our time of arrival in Peru and every destination thereafter, who greeted us during all of our transfers throughout the trip. They were all informative of our times and plans for each city we visited. The Guides were on time, friendly and courteous. I have to add, our guide Peter Quispe, from Arequipa to Colca Valley was the best out of all the tour guides. He has such a fun-fantastic attitude. I highly recommend him to your entire guest in the future. Also Freddie in Nasca was exceptionally wonderful. I will miss them both.
What a pleasant surprise to find a discount travel provided with no discounts to the service it provides. ECS Travel, we received it all and didn’t have to do any of the work. You sold me the package and you delivered a personalized experience. You have exceeded my expectations! If you have any clients that would care to contact me for a reference, I am available.
Thanks again for all and our lovely dinner at Mangos the last night in Miraflores.


W. D. Wilcox

Florida USA, May 2007

Dear Campos Brothers:
"It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend ECS Travel for the recent tour of Peru that I took in early May of 2007 with my two grandsons, Kyle (age 19), and Keith (age 13) to Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu...
During the booking process, Mr.Eliu Campos readily met our requests: for example: to sit on the left side of the Vista Dome Train from Cusco to Aguas Calientes. and to book us in the rear of the hotel there in Aguas Calientes. Prior to the trip we were advised of the probability of having altitude illness, especially in Cusco, which is near 11,000 ft. altitude. Prior to departing the US I obtained a prescription from my doctor and purchased the altitude illness medication Diamox, which we took in Lima, and also upon arrival in Cusco.
Upon arrival in Cusco, we were met at the airport by the ECs agent Mr. Julio Caesar, who drove us to the 4 star hotel San Agustin Dorado, where we also had coca tea in the lobby, as a preventive for altitude illness. Nonetheless, shortly after arriving at the San Agustin Dorado hotel in Cusco my youngest grandson Keith became quite ill with altitude sickness. Mr. Juio Caesar. Who was still with us recommended a very good local physician, which I asked him to summon to the hotel. Shortly, the doctor arrived at our room, and examined my grandson Keith, and then recommended that he be admitted to a local clinic for treatment. This I agreed to and accompanied Keith and the doctor to the clinic.
The clinic turned out to be quite modern and very clean, and I was impressed. With further tests at the clinic, Keith was given oxygen and an intravenous dextrose solution. I remained with Keith throughout the day, and Mr. Julio Caesar called twice to check on Keith's condition. After several hours Keith became much better, and the doctor allowed him to be discharged later that evening. This event was quite upsetting to my grandsons and I, and I cannot thank Mr. Julio Cesar and ECS travel enough for the concern and care that we were shown during this situation.
The next day we continued our tour, with slight modification by Mr. Campos, and we proceeded through the Sacred Valley and on to Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu, where we had a wonderful experience.
Prior to booking ECS travel for this trip, I had accomplished considerable time exploring many tour companies on the Internet, and I am glad that I selected ECS Tours, and can recommend it wholeheartedly. It is a great value, and this company cares about its patrons and looks after them like they are family. Again, I wish to compliment the Campos Brothers for their concern and care for my grandson during his spell of altitude illness, and especially to Mr. Julio Cesar, who is their representative in Cusco, and was most helpful in every way during this unexpected illness on the part of my young grandson. Well, Done ECS Travel!" Sincerely Yours.


Emily Gersh and Lucas Hitt

Washington DC, Feb 2007

We had such a great time on this trip - it was amazing! Thanks to Eliu and his staff for arranging everything and making it so easy for us...
While there are certain things that can typically make travel difficult (long plane rides, no knowledge of the local language, getting from the airport to the hotel, etc.) - booking our trip through you made it so much easier. Every time we arrived at a new place, there was someone there to meet us and escort us to our hotel - and that was not only a treat that made us feel special, but added a level of comfort to our trip that I'm sure we quickly took for granted. All of the tour guides spoke English and were excited to show off their country. The drivers were excellent and the car rides very comfortable. It was that much easier to use the vouchers you gave us instead of having to figure out the bill at each hotel and activity along the way. Thank you so very much for your help and your hard work to make our trip the "best honeymoon ever!" I would highly recommend using your company to book a trip or even part of a trip within Peru. Thanks again!


Marc Lindt/Joshua Chuang

Switzerland, Jan 2007

With mixed feelings we arrived in Lima, as we had booked the trip over the Internet and didn’treally know whether everything will work. It did work and the whole trip was a real success! ...
Even a canceled flight and a rescheduled excursion (both not in ECS travel’s power) didn’t interrupt the trip, as Eliu immediately found alternatives and was always available when we had a query. The most superb experience is Machu Picchu, where one has to stay overnight to see the site without the masses late in the afternoon or early in the morning! But also the Nasca Lines, the Condors in the Colca Canyon, the Macaws at their clay lick site at Heath River Lodge, Cusco as a city and with its surroundings and last not least the North with Chiclayo and it’s Sipan and Sican sites made our 3 week trip a wonderful experience we wouldn’t want to have missed!


John Marchant

Califirnia USA, Jul 2005

Dear Eliu
Our vacation this last July 2004 was just incredible! Besides all the beautiful sights we saw, I keep telling friends that the best part of the trip was how your people cared for us!
Whenever there was the tiniest problem, from a change of plans on our part to a country-wide strike, you and your people were there on your cell phones quickly and efficiently figuring out alternates and options. It was the biggest help of all in a strange country, to have a ³babysitter² like you and your gang to fill in all the blanks and take care of difficult issues as they arose. We felt totally safe and secure in the knowledge that you were looking after us.
I won´t go into how many times you saved us, as you know yourself, but for example, just being there every morning precisely on time to move us on to our next destination, (always a friendly crew too!), the times you saved us when there WASN¹T any transportation due to that strike and you got the Police to give us a ride, that was a great story, and the time the students went on strike and you had all the info beforehand and had alternate routes already figured out for us to avoid the traffic blocks and get to the plane on time!.The daily help at airports, (the magic way WE always got ahead of everyone in line, how did that happen?) and bus stops and hotels, it was really overwhelming and there is NO WAY we could have seen as much as we did in the time we had without your help!! (I DO recommend, however, that you give more of a warning to gorditos and viejos and people who just aren¹t in shape,about that island hike in Lake Titicaca. THAT was hell on earth, sorry, I thought I was going to DIE, in fact I got very ill that one night from altitude and exhaustion, so you might want to tell people that is a difficult climb before you send them off to The 500 steps de Infierno!!)
I would also like to recommend to other tourists that they really try and stay overnight, at least one,in Aguas Calientes. There is no way we could have had such a beautiful, relaxed time in Machu Picchu without staying the night. And the town itself is a hoot, like a frontier/Ewok (Star Wars!) town in Peru! We would have liked to spend more time there but it didn¹t fit into our plans
Other than that it was mysterious and beautiful, albeit very, very busy, and we were constantly amazed at how your crew kept us going and out of trouble. We thank you a lot and couldn¹t have done it without you. Seriously, no way could we have done that without you, the attention to detail, comfort and our safety went far beyond what we even could consider.
Thanks again and I highly recommend it all.
Your friend


CAPTAIN S. Jay Smith

Explorers Club FN 99 - New York City, Dec 2004

I have personally known Sr. Eliu Campos since 2002 and he has planned three excellent trips into Peru and Bolivia for me. He is a very dedicated travel agent and will go to great lengths to ensure that your needs are met and exceeded...
This includes meeting you personally when possible.
The first of these, to Bolivia, from Lima was done on a very short notice when another travel company’s plans fell through. In this case, he was able to procure passage to Puno, Peru, Lake Titicaca, La Paz, and Tiahuanaco on the Alitplano. All of the reservations were done in one week and all worked out very well. Visiting Tiahuanaco is definitely worth your time.
Sr. Eliu also planned a trip into the mountainous area of Huaraz for me and arranged a delightful country hotel there that was far superior to in-town accommodations. The excursions into the mountains were superb.
Finally, during Christmas of 2004 Sr. Eliu arranged a visit to Qosco (Cusco) and Machu Pichu. On the way we stayed at a delightful mission in Ollantaytambo. All of the transfers and accommodations were superb. Spending Christmas eve in Qosco was very interesting as it involved a lot of fireworks and huge crowds of people.
Finally, Sr. Eliu took me and my guests to Caral, a lost city now known to be ~5,000 years old which is in the Supe valley 150 KM of Lima. Very few people visit this site but it is suspected to be the oldest city in the Americas. It consists of multiple pyramids up to ~80 feet in height and is being re-constructed. So this city was developing at the same time that the Egyptian pyramids were built.
I highly recommend Sr. Eliu Campos for your travel agent in Peru.


Joan Johnson

Portland OR, Dec 2002

My companion and I were provided the most excellent service, friendly, fast and our requests were accommodated. All service was excellent, all arrangements were very good and all personnel in the various locations were of the high standard of the main office in Miraflores...
I recommend this tour agency, and we felt their prices were very fair.


Kent Taylor

California US, Dec 2002

We are very experienced travellers and had one of our best vacations in Peru.
We met Mr. Eliu Campos at our hotel in Lima, started talking with him about tour options and he asked us exactly what we wanted to see and he offered some suggestions...
He quickly came up with a full 2 week itinerary, including hotels, tours, train, plane, and bus travel and arrangements for someone to meet us for transfers to and from hotels all along the way.
The price seemed reasonable, but we had never met this guy before. He seemed sincere, we took a chance, and it worked out great. We had a tour customized to our needs and budget, every reservation and transfer was without problem, and when we had a question along the way, we called Mr. Campos who was readily available. Upon our return, Mr. Campos set up a quick 4 day trip to Ecuador which we also thoroughly enjoyed.
We had great service and a great trip and we highly recommend ECS Travel. We compared prices on line after we got back and found we had a fully custom tour with a personal representative for a bargain price.